3. transnational project meeting in Turkey

The third meeting was held in Turkey, Adana from 24th till 28th of September 2018. On the third meeting were present:
Kindergarten Medveščak from Croatia
Kindergarten Istituto Compresivo Fiano from Italy 
Kindergarten Cukurova Anaokulu, Adana from Turkey 
Kindergarten Kuršenu Lopšelis-darželis from Lithuania 
NGO Divja misel from Slovenia
NGO Blaberon from Croatia 
Faculty of humanities and social sciences, Department of linguistics from Croatia 

At the third transnational meeting, all partners had power point presentations in which they showed previously noted critical points of the educational process through the application of new strategies in the educational work and the implemented dissemination activities. Partners jointly discussed the content of the project manual, which will include examples of educational activities and new work strategies described in power point presentations. For that purpose, each of the partners will collect, classify and structure all the materials created in the project and create a pedagogical portfolio. Partners discussed about making a word list based on red picture books. The project partners presented the leaflets and roll up of the project. The dates for transnational learning, teaching and training activities were arranged at the meeting.


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