Disemination activities outside institution

January - February 2018. 

Exibition in Library
In the Children's Library Medveščak "M2", Zvonimirova 71, from January 15 to February 15, 2018 was held an exhibition of children's artwork created during childrens activities connected with European projects KA1 "Living in harmony with nature in the urban environment" and KA2 project "Listen, talk, spell, act". The exhibition was visited by regular visitors and three educational groups of our kindergarten, children and their parents.


April 2018.

The Days of Preschool Education Čakovec 2018. 

On the Days of Preschool Education - Čakovec 2018 "Together We Grow" - redefining the practice and theory of early and pre-school education, Čakovec 12 and 13 April 2018, Medveščak kindergarten principal, Željka Požgaj mag.praesc.educ., preschool teachers Dijana Guštin and Ivana Mlađan held a presentation titled "Building a Professional Role Through the EU Dimension of the Curriculum".


The State Meeting for Preschool Teachers - Tuheljske toplice 2018. 

On the State Meeting for Pre-School Teachers 'Lifelong Learning towards Quality Professional Training', held in Tuheljske Toplice from 18 to 20 April 2018, organized by the Agency for Education, preschool teachers Ana-Marija Borko and Sanja Sharairi delivered a presentation titled "Competent Educator introduced with the European Dimension of Education".

The State Meeting for principals of Kindergartens - Primošten 2018. 

At the State Expert Meeting for principals of Preschool Institutions "Innovative Leadership - Entrepreneurship in the kindergarten" held in Primošten from 18 to 20 April 2018, organized by the Agency for Education, Principal Željka Požgaj, mag.praesc.educ. held a presentation titled "Innovation in the work of kindergarten and direction towards the development of the EU dimension of the curriculum".

October 2018.

At the interregional meeting for pedagogists in kindergartens held on October 10th to 11th, 2018 in Marija Bistrica, organized by the Education and Training Agency, kindergarten pedagogist Mirna Krpan held a presentation titled "Competent pedagogist introduced with the European dimension of education".

March 2019.

1st International Arts and Creativity in Education Conference 

On 1st International Arts and Creativity in Education Conference held on March 7th to 9th 2019. in Zagreb, Kindergarten principal Željka Požgaj, mag.praesc.edu. and preschool teacher Dijana Guštin held presentation titled  "The sincrism of artistic elements in generating a creative community of children and adults".

Jutarnji list - newspaper article

Newspaper article in Jutarnji list titled "Najbolji čarobni štapić za zbližavanje roditelja i djece još uvijek su knjige", promoting KA2 project Listen, talk, spell, act

Exibition in library

In the August Cesarec library, children's department from 29. April to 30. May 2019. exibition of children's art work was set up to display all the creativity derived from KA2 project LTSA.

The exhibition was visited by our project partners, kindergarten groups, parents and regular visitors.


Final Conference of LTSA project

24. September 2019. Kindergarten Medvescak organized  LTSA Final conference for all preschool teachers, members of partner institutions, headmasters, members of City Government and Ministry of Education.



Part of agenda were experiential workshops for participants which showed how to include music, movement, spelling and letters, art and digital competences in enhanceing critical and creativ thinking. 


International scientific conference in Subotica

On  18. October Kindergarten principal Željka Požgaj, mag.praesc.edu. and preschool teacher Margareta šporčić-Škrobonja held presentation titled  "Searching for new paradigm in educational practice through EU projects and mobilities"


25th Days of preschool education "Mirisi djetinjstva"

On 22th November in Split 
Kindergarten principal Željka Požgaj, mag.praesc.educ.held presentation titled "Listen, talk, spell, act - EU project as opportunity to include parents and local community in Kindergarten everyday practice"


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