4. transnational project meeting in Italy

The fourth meeting was held in Italy, Fiano Romano from 25th to 1st of March 2019. On the fourth meeting were present:
Kindergarten Medveščak from Croatia
Kindergarten Istituto Compresivo Fiano from Italy 
Kindergarten Cukurova Anaokulu, Adana from Turkey 
Kindergarten Kuršenu Lopšelis-darželis from Lithuania 
NGO Divja misel from Slovenia
NGO Blaberon from Croatia 
Faculty of humanities and social sciences, Department of linguistics from Croatia 

At the forth transnational meeting, all partners had power point presentations in which they showed experiences from Learning, teaching, training activities in Italy, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia and Turkey. All partners visited Italian Kindergarten and were introduced with all the project activities done with children, parents and teachers. Partners also discussed project handbook and materials collected so far. The final phase of the project  also  included the arrangements for the final testing of children, parents and teachers.  


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