5. transnational project meeting in Croatia


The 5th transnational project meeting was held in Zagreb, Croatia from 7th May till 9th May 2019. On the meeting were present partners from
Kindergarten Medveščak from Croatia
Kindergarten Istituto Compresivo Fiano from Italy
Kindergarten Cukurova Anaokulu, Adana from Turkey
Kindergarten Kuršenu Lopšelis-darželis from Lithuania
NGO Divja misel from Slovenia
NGO Blaberon from Croatia
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Linguistics from Croatia
At the 5th transnationalproject meeting, all partners had power point presentations of final survey for three target groups  that showed results of changed reading habits of parents and preschool teachers and analisis of children activities.  All partners also prepaired final power point presentations of all the activities done during the project in their institution, including dissemination activities and project sustainability.  Project coordinator presented all so  fare collected materials that will be included in Handbook for reading.

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